Dumi Masilela did not believe he would die

Dumi Masilela, the slain Rhythm City star did not believe he would die. He was shot on August 2, 2017 while visiting a friend in Tembisa in Johannesburg. Dumi Masilela was shot in the abdomen while driving from an apparent ensuing hijacking, he successfully drove halfway to the hospital before handing over the wheel to a friend who was with him in the car.

Dumi Masilela underwent a five (5) hour surgery but the single gunshot wound had give rise to irreparable damage and the doctors were ultimately unable to save his live. Even as he suffered pain while being to surgery the now fallen star did not believe he would die.

“He was in a lot of pain but he was doing his best to stay positive and happy. He would joke and would try to cheer us up. He didn’t know that he was going to go (die). He didn’t think he would. He thought that he would recover and soon be back with us,” Dumi Masilela’s younger brother Mbongeni Masilela told TimesLIVE.

“Nobody wanted to bring up the possibility of him dying. You always want to be hopeful and rely on prayers but with a gunshot wound your mind can’t help but sometimes go to the worst case scenario,” said Mbongeni Masilela.

Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema,  Dumi Masilela’s widow, also refused to believe that he would die to an extent that she never said her final goodbye, this is according to Masilela family spokesperson Mpumi Phillips.

“Simphiwe arrived at the hospital and Dumi was conscious enough to speak to her. She embraced him. He kept telling doctors he was in pain so Simphiwe did her best to comfort him and keep his spirits up. They spent time together while doctors evaluated him,” said Mpumi Phillips.

“For her, it wasn’t a final goodbye. She didn’t say goodbye because she didn’t think he would die. She thought he would recover,” Mpumi Phillips said.

“He was rushed off to theatre to attend to the wounds and after five hours of surgery, the doctors came out to tell Simphiwe that Dumi had died. She was supported by a close friend but was in serious shock,” Mpumi Phillips added.


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