Cell C employing mafia tactics in dealing with customers

Cell C has resorted to employing mafia tactics in dealing with their customers. In all my years of being a cell phone user I never thought I would see such a day. A day where the network block three numbers over one number that owes R199. The ultimatum in the act is unconscionable to say the least.

The other two numbers are former contract numbers which were paid up two and four years ago. However, Cell C, in their all wise, all knowing unlimited power they have decided to render us without a single working phone. This despite the fact that we have been their loyal customers for years.

Does it not say anything to them that they were able to find three numbers registered to one person? Or do they believe that all these numbers are being used by the registrant? Does it not matter that the registrant has given business to Cell C for years or was it that important to send a message.

Let us face the facts here, it is R199 that is owed on a contract that was taken in October 2015. In four months this contract will expire. Whatever money Cell C was meant to make on this deal, they have made. Not to mention the money they made all those years ago on the other two numbers which are no longer contract numbers but they chose to block.

Long story short, I’m on my third contract with Cell C. I have taken two contracts with them in the past, and paid them up. I kept the numbers of the two previous contracts but not using them myself, they are being used by family members.

I am using the number of the active contract. At the start of this month I missed a payment of R199 on an already 20 months old contract. I have successfully paid R199 for the past 19 months and I missed on month 20. Cell C decides not to block the number in question but also the now prepaid numbers which were paid two and fours years ago.

Maybe I am being silly here but this is no way to treat your customers. Don’t the years count for anything. I never would have minded if they had blocked the active contract. Why block the prepaid numbers??

Well as if this was not bad enough. The staff at the call center is on God Level rudeness. They basically told me off and told me to pay my debts and I will get all my numbers back.

So I have resolved to cease to pay the remainder of the contract. Cell C will not see a cent from me going forward. They can keep all their numbers.

Can you imagine the money they have made from me over the years. The money they have continued to make even with the other two numbers that are now prepaid. All of it count for nothing just because of R199 which they were always going to get.

I will go buy new sim cards from a different network, Rica them and forget that I was once a Cell C customer and they can forget about that R199 or any other money that will come from my pocket whether it is for Cell C airtime, data or anything to do with their twisted network.

So long Cell C.


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