Is Mmusi Maimane a good politician

Is Mmusi Maimane a good politician? Maybe a question to be asked is – what makes a good politician and does Mmusi Maimane exhibit such qualities. It is a hell of a thing, I can tell you now because while education goes a long way towards making a good politician, it is the worst kept secret that numerous African politicians are without it.

Mmusi Maimane is a well educated man; he attended the University of Wales, the University of South Africa and the University of the Witwatersrand. He has been hanging around the corridors of power since 2011 and he is a relatively young man.

Back then he was a national spokesman for the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s second biggest political party. It is not farfetched to believe that he would have around around the politics before then because you don’t crawl out of bed and become a national spokesman of the official opposition unless you were “purpose chosen”.

What is extremely rare is for a spokesman to rise to the head of the table within five years, probably not unheard of, but rare none-the-less. Perhaps this is a hallmark of a good politician. In fact Mmusi Maimane is such a popular figure that he was once called the “Obama of Soweto”.

This is probably because of his eloquence when speaking not to mention the campaign that featured a lot of elements similar to those featured in that of Obama. There are a lot of things about Mmusi Maimane that are cool; maybe he is even a good preacher – maybe that is why he speaks so well.

However Mmusi Maimane is not a good politician; far from it. The blunders he has committed in the past and in recent times clearly indicate that he has no clue what he is doing, he is stumbling around like a toddler, he has no real influence over the party that he supposedly “lead”.

To say Mmusi Maimane is a novice of politics would be laughable, he is politically inept – he really does not have a clue how the politics work. He was first played when he became the national spokesman and he never even saw it coming. It must be very stressful being him.

In fact, in comparison to his contemporaries such as Julius Malema, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – Mmusi Maimane is a tragic joke and he is going to end up an ambassador to some obscured country that no one has ever had of.

Mmusi Maimane, with all his education, is poorly read and sounds like a broken record. He thrives on pointing out the shortcomings of others and fails to learn from his own. It not hard to believe that Mmusi Maimane hardly ever spend time with a book – maybe except the bible. The DA, which he is supposed to be leading, deliberately embarrasses him in public then send him back out there to flaunt his ignorance.

Mmusi Maimane is likely to end up an insignificant foot note in history book of South African politics but he is not smart enough to even know that.


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