Blade Nzimande says Zuma central in “auctioning off our national sovereignty”

The South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande told journalists in Johannesburg during he party’s central committee meeting that the leaked emails pertaining to the Guptas and their influence on South African government “look genuine”.

Blade Nzimande has been among those who vocal and extremely critical of Jacob Zulma’s presidency. It was not always that way, Blade Nzimande was once one of President Jacob Zuma’s staunch allies and has been serving in the cabinet since 2009.

“In the light of the barrage of further revelations concerning the Gupta network the commission needs clearly to extend its scope beyond the major but still limited issues investigated in the public protector’s State of Capture report‚” South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande said.

“But we must vigorously guard against recent attempts to dilute it into investigating such a wide field that its work will never be completed.

“Every week‚ in fact almost every day now with a barrage of leaked emails and more and more whistle blowers coming forward to the SA Council of Churches unburdening panel‚ the sheer scale of corporate capture and of parasitic plundering of public resources by the Gupta network becomes more and more evident‚” he said


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