Brian Molefe Eskom appointment rescinded

Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown instructed the Eskom board to rescind a decision to reappoint Brian Molefe as chief executive officer. Lynne Brown made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon following weeks of news headlines and parliamentary grilling over Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom.

“Collectively looking at the facts and in the interest of the country and good governance, I thus directed the Eskom Board to rescind the decision to reinstate Molefe as Eskom CEO. Due processes must be followed in the filling of the role of Eskom Chief Executive. The board must provide me with two names within the executive (at Eskom) to act as CE. I Intend appointing an acting GCE within the next 48 hours to ensure continuity,” Lynne Brown said.

“To say that the consequences of this decision unleashed a storm is to grossly understate the effect. Within moments of publication of the announcement by Eskom chairperson Dr Ben Ngubane that Mr Molefe was to return as Eskom’s Group Chief Executive, the issue was thrust to the centre of societal and political contestation.

“Old allegations have re-surfaced and new ones have been brought to light. These include serious allegations – that are regularly reported, and widely perceived, as fact,” Lynne Brown told the parliamentary committee.

“Do I regret interfering in the proposed Molefe pension pay-out? Well, I can’t say I enjoy having my integrity questioned. But, in the end, if our state-owned companies are to perform to their true potential at the vanguard of the developmental and transformative state, we must clear the fog of allegations of impropriety that envelop them – one way or the other.

“Since Mr Molefe’s return to Eskom I have briefed the top officials, the Deployment Committee and National Executive Committee of the ruling party on the matter. The ruling party requested Government, led by President Zuma, to resolve the matter.

“The President established an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Eskom led by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, the Honourable Michael Masutha and includes the Ministers of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, Minister of Energy Nkhensani Kubayi and I. The IMC has held several discussions and reached consensus.

“I know that members would like me to announce the outcome of these deliberations. But all I can promise is that the announcement will be made soon.

“I will abide by the court’s decision on the legality of Mr Molefe’s return to Eskom. This is consistent with my support for Mr Molefe’s return to Eskom on the proviso that his return is legal,” Lynne Brown said.


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