South Africa does not have strategy to deal with prostitution

South Africa still does not have a clear strategy to deal with the complexities of adult prostitution, Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha told reporters in Pretoria on Friday. The issue of legalising or decriminalising prostitution in South Africa has long been subjected to a back-and-forth game of politician.

The matter reach a boiling point in the run up to the 2010 Fifa World Cup which was held in South Africa. At the time the politicians were worried about widespread prostitution and the potential spread of AIDS – which is just another issue the country grappled with for years before managing to bring it under reasonable control.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha revealed today that a South African Law Reform Commission report had been compiled on Sexual Offences: Adult Prostitution for public consultation. The report is aimed at reviewing the fragmented legislative framework that regulates adult prostitution, which is currently completely criminalised.

“The commission found that despite mounting public and official concern about prostitution, South Africa has no clear strategy for dealing with prostitution, either on a primary and preventative level or on a secondary and intervention level,” Michael Masutha said.

“It is important that we participate and assist in finding a solution for these challenges. We all have a responsibility to rise against gender-based violence and build a human-rights based society,” Michael Masutha¬†told reporters.


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