DJ Sbu is a billionaire under construction

DJ Sbu is a billionaire under construction which means he is not, at least not now. “Billionaires Under Construction” is the title of DJ Sbu‘s second and latest book. Born Sbusiso Leope, DJ Sbu is a renowned hustler who famously flashed his energy drink on live television during the broadcast of the Metro FM awards.

DJ Sbu‘s impulsive behavior led to his dismissal from Metro FM and was later released from his contract to host SABC 1’s Friends Like These and replace with Trevor Gumbi who initially found the going a little tougher as loyal fans of the show demanded the number one knocks man (DJ Sbu) back.

Since his dismissal from the SABC he has not ceased to “hustle”. He has reportedly been at CliffCentral and Vuma FM. DJ Sbu continues with his SLEF amid the exaggerated report of financial ruin. At one point it was DJ Sbu himself who confessed via Instagram that he is broke.

DJ Sbu is still peddling his Mo Faya energy drink, not without controversy, as he claimed on April 1, 2017 that his company has secured the funding from The Coca-Cola Company worth few hundred million rand – that turned out to be an April Fool’s joke. DJ Sbu has also tried his hand on bread and toilet paper.


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