ANC accuses Lynne Brown of perjury

The African National Congress speaking through a Zizi Kodwa, their┬áspokesman, statement described the version of events surrounding the return of Brian Molefe as articulated by Lynne Brown as “incoherent”. Brian Molefe returned to Eskom after a brief absence and reclaimed his position as CEO.

Lynne Brown, Ben Ngubane and the Eskom board appeared before parliament where they faced a grilling by the MPs over the return of Brian Molefe.

Lynne Brown went on to tell the committee that she had recently learnt that Brian Molefe had not resigned from Eskom last year, but had asked for early retirement, hence the board’s proposal to pay him R30 million in a pension settlement.

“According to the incoherent version tabled today, Mr Molefe had never resigned from Eskom but rather was on unpaid leave. This is in direct contradiction to Mr Molefe’s own statement when he left the utility, and where he said Minister Brown’s letter dated 30th November 2016 where she approved the appointment of Mr Koko as acting Group CEO following ‘the resignation of Mr Brian Molefe’,” Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.

“On the strength of the representations from Minister Brown and Mr Molefe, the ANC acceded to his nomination as member of Parliament. Not only are these latest developments disingenuous to say the least, they amount to perjury. The ANC calls on government and Parliament to act decisively to deal with this irrational and untenable situation,” Zizi Kodwa said.


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