Removing President Jacob Zuma will not change the ANC – Maimane

Removing President Jacob Zuma from power will not change the ANC, one could almost say Mmusi Maimane “conceded” rather than “said”. The leader of the Democratic Alliance was in Matjhabeng in the Free State when he said those words perhaps indicating for the first just how far his politics have come and how much insight he has gained.

“There has been a lot of talk recently about whether the ANC will kick Jacob Zuma out and replace him with someone else. I assure you, this will make no difference at all to the ANC.  Replacing Zuma with someone else will just increase your suffering. When I talk about change on this tour, I mean total change. I mean a whole new way of looking at South Africa,” Mmusi Maimane said speaking in Matjhabeng.

“Communities like yours here in Matjhabeng are fast being forgotten by a government that promised to take you forward, but has no intention of honouring that promise. This time [it is] the struggle for economic freedom for all. The struggle to escape the economic oppression of ANC rule. We need to start seeing those who want to build the same South Africa as we do as our allies.

“This is how we are busy turning metros like Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay around, and this is how we will turn South Africa around,” Mmusi Maimane said.

These words are arguably the truest Mmusi Maimane has ever spoken in his entire political career. His speech, although it may appear unmoving and insignificant today, might prove to be a critical juncture in terms of the paradigm shift in South African politics.

The analogy of the snake and the head is true in almost all the cases where it is applied except in politics. President Jacob Zuma did not become who he is a few years ago, he has always been this man and the ANC allowed him to thrive. The ANC knowingly put him in charge of the party and he was later put in charge of the country.

Although in recent times it appear as if President Jacob Zuma faces his biggest test in office thus far, the truth is he doesn’t. In politics two years could feel like a day. With that in mind President Jacob Zuma’s presidency may last two full terms and the opposition’s campaign to oust him would have failed.

Convincing people to love and vote for the DA would go a long way as opposed to convincing people to hate President Jacob Zuma. This is perhaps why Mmusi Maimane‘s seemingly insignificant speech is so important.


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