Bonang Matheba is a millionaire as suggested in new documentary

Bonang Matheba is a millionaire as suggested in the title of her new documentary, “Six Zeros to my Name“. The Mahikeng born beauty has long been believed to be among the wealthiest home based South Africans celebrities. Bonang Matheba reportedly makes an estimated R200 000 from her Revlon deal. She is also all over television and radio.

She opened up about her early life and ambitions in life in a documentary, “Six Zeros to my Name”. Bonang Matheba lived in Mahikeng for a few years before moving to Johannesburg with her parents. They stayed in Hillbrow before moving to Pimville, in Soweto, to live with her grandmother.

She also opened up about her upbringing and her parents divorce. Saying she always craved to have a “family unit”, with her mother and father together and growing up with siblings, something she did not have.  “But my parents gave me more than that. They gave me love and attention. It was a physical separation, but the love they had for each other and me outweighed everything that was happening around me.” Bonang Matheba said.

Her father, Andrew Gampi Matheba, who is a professor, said the two made sure the divorce was not about Bonang Matheba, but between the parents. “Even after the divorce, we grew closer together,” he said.

The documentary, “Six Zeros to my Name“, it was revealed that Bonang Matheba, who turns 30 in June, paid up her first house at age 22 and bought another one at 29. She spends money on securing her future. “Maybe in 20 years’ time, no one is going to care about this documentary or Bonang,” she said. And she has been been saving since she was 15.

Bonang Matheba went to the University of Johannesburg, Kingsway campus, and studied BA marketing communications before dropping out to pursue a career in presenting.

She has lost count on how many shoes she has. “I’m terrible, I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I have, honestly. Maybe 200, 300.”


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