Brian Molefe 2.0 pandemonium

South Africans believed to have been rid of Brian Molefe. Well that was right to a point where he was resurrected by the Eskom board almost out of the blue. It reminds me of a scene from one of my favourite movies, Flight (2012), where Denzel Washington portrays the character of an airline pilot named William “Whip” Whitaker Sr.. After snorting cocaine, he (Whip Whitaker) proclaims, “sh*t, I’m back”. 

On Friday morning Eskom revealed that they had decided to re-appoint Molefe as its CEO. Well in nothing but down-right South African fashion, the media led the charge as everyone lost their heads – including the ANC if you could believe that. Zizi Kodwa was quoted saying “he decision is reckless and insensitive, and we condemn it”.

Cosatu’s deputy general secretary Solly Phetoe was quoted saying, “He must account and respond to the State Capture report as he can’t go back to being the CEO. He also can’t be the person who’s deployed in national government on the basis of this criminal activity that he’s facing.

Corruption Watch head David Lewis, “He resigned because it was in the interest of the country and the state-owned enterprise to do so. Where is this nonsense coming from that he took early retirement after a year and he was given an early retirement package of R30 million?”

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said, “We’re enquiring if we can get an interdict of such actions because you can’t have an entity like Eskom being captured in that regard.”

EFF leader Julius Malema said, “We think it’s unacceptable. It is turning our country into a banana republic. And so we have now asked the lawyers to look at whether we can act on an urgent basis since the man says he’s coming to work on Monday.”

It is understood that Brian Molefe’s payout could be up to R30 million. Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown said, “isn’t another solution other than paying Mr Molefe the R30-million or him [Molefe] taking Eskom to court.”


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