Can DA or EFF do better than ANC in terms of job creation

Can the DA or the EFF do better than the ANC in terms of job creation?  This is a question that is likely to go unanswered unless one of these two leading opposition parties find themselves at the helm of the republic of South Africa. With the current political climate in the country the likelihood of the ANC losing power to one of these two parties is no longer improbable.


The ANC has been heavily weakened by a lot of things; chief among those is time. Time has heightened the expectations of people against the ANC’s inability to keep up with the ever changing world. Perhaps this is what is at the center of job creation.

The ANC was capable of keeping up with the ever changing times and adapt quickly when they faced a ferocious opponent in the form of the apartheid regime but when running the country there is a lot of hurry up and wait. There is a lot of bureaucracy, power struggle and there is simply too much to worry about.

The ANC faces a problem of old wise leaders who understand the game of politics but a little out of touch with the world of the future. The idea of a smart economy is no longer a myth and industrialization is something we should not concern ourselves too much with.

The next generation does not want to spend 12 hours a day locked away in a factory building things they can’t enjoy. The next generation is already here in Japan, Germany, the USA and South Korea. Soon the whole world would want to follow suit.

This is what is at the heart of job creation. Up skill the youth to keep up and compete with the world leaders of innovation. Kenya is a good example of what we should seek to attain. Even if we are ahead of Kenya today, they will soon overtake us if we are unable to seek new ways. I remember a few years ago arguing with a colleague about the solar cells on the roof of cars, now imagine my relief when the Toyota Prius started using this source of energy.

The truth is neither the DA nor the EFF can do any better than the ANC in terms of job creation. In comparison to the countries that have come close enough to solving the unemployment problem, South Africa is backwards and primitive. South Africans must first change their understanding of the role of politics in their lives.

Politics have become part of failure and progress of most societies in the world but the politicians are still no more than ambitious man who are incapable of changing the world so they become part of the fuss – a fuss we can no longer escape.

People, ordinary people, create jobs. Politics still contribute heavily to this but politicians alone simply can’t do it. They will lobby, facilitate and even create an environment which will make it easier for people to create jobs but they simply cannot create jobs.

Whoever is in charge of South Africa in the future is likely to do as much as the ANC has unless South Africans begin to think about solving their everyday life problems, societal problems, continental problems, world problems and problems beyond planet earth – that is how economies grow and jobs get created. By unrelentingly seeking solutions; in today’s world a problem goes unsolved unless someone can make money out of it.



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